Uber Car Runs a Red Light. Was it 'Driverless'? You Decide - VIDEO

During the early morning of December 15th, the cab company, Uber, allegedly embarked upon an ambitious test of its 'Self-Driving' cars on the (busy) streets of San Francisco. The cars were thought to have been specially equipped Volvo XC90's.

At 10.37am, Thursday, December 15th this Uber Volvo XC90 was caught on dashcam video running a red light. Uber stated later that this car was not one of the Volvo XC90's involved in the 'driverless' test. This despite what appears to be a camera array on the roof.

What ever the case may be - It is ironic that the offending car was caught on the dashcam of an 'ordinary' cab. Video below .....

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