The Top Five Concepts That Chrysler Should Have Produced!

1941 Thunderbolt
The 1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt introduced a whole wave of design and engineering innovations. It was aluminum bodied and featured a revolutionary, electrically-operated, hardtop; so far ahead of its time that it would be 1957 before another manufacturer had a similar feature.
It was powered by a 323.5 cubic-inch straight-eight engine producing 143 horsepower and driving the rear wheels. Five or six were produced and found their way into private hands.

1953 D’Elegance
The D’Elegance concept of 1953 is generally considered the most influential product of the Ghia-Chrysler collaboration and also their first. Designed by ex-Studebaker man, Virgil Exner it established a close-coupled fastback design that would later be copied by many others.
It was powered by a 280 hp, 354 cu. in. Chrysler Firepower Hemi OHV V-8 and featured a three-speed Torqueflite automatic transmission.

1957 Diablo (’56 Dart)
Another Virgil Exner design in collaboration with Italian coachbuilder Ghia, the 1957 Diablo embodied the new ’space-age’ optimism of the late fifties. Based on a modified 1956 Imperial chassis it featured a 392 Cubic-inch engine producing 375 HP. The transmission was push-button and other advanced features included door handles that were built into the leading edge of the fins.
At the time it was considered to be the most expensive concept ever built.

The 1995 Atlantic
The 1995 Chrysler Atlantic was a retro concept car. It was designed by Bob Hubbach and inspired by the Bugatti Atlantique. The idea for this car began as a sketch on a napkin by Chrysler's president Bob Lutz in early 1993.
Some of the retro details include a straight-8-engine and the iconic ‘centre line ridge’ from the Bugatti. Interior details included art-deco style gauges and controls. It was one of Chrysler's most popular concept vehicles and has proven popular enough to still make the occasional public appearance.

1998 Chronos
The Chrysler Chronos was a concept car created by the Chrysler design dept. It was first shown in 1998. The Chrysler Chronos is similar in design concept (close-coupled fastback) to the 1953 Chrysler D'Elegance also featured here.
The concept was equipped with a naturally aspirated V-10 (think Viper) driving the rear wheels.

Well?? - What do you think? - Have we missed any favorites?

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