Tv's Ross Hanneman Explains Why The Rezvani Is The #1 Hit Of The 2016 LA Autoshow - Funny Video

California boutique supercar builder Rezvani (has to sound Italian - right!) have launched their new Beast Alpha at the Los Angeles Autoshow. And it could be the absolute star of the show, especially with the new generation of ultra-rich car buyers. Why? Well, we have noticed a disturbing trend recently among the uber-rich car buyer (California has its fair share of 'em). They no longer talk of performance and handling; merely 'poseur' value, as perfectly explained in this video below. It features billionaire Ross Hanneman (from HBO's Silicon Valley program) and, although funny, its also kinda ironic....

NOTE* If you are old fashioned, like us, and want to know more about the car then just scroll down. Also be aware the video contains profanity.

So, if you have got over those billionaire 'SideWinder' doors, here is some more info on the new car. Weighing-in at less than 2000lbs the beast Alpha uses the same 500HP, 2.4-liter, 4-cylinder K24 engine as its cousin, the Beast roadster. It has a Rotrex supercharger and is said to be good for a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 175mph. It uses different underpinnings to the Roadster, this one based on a Lotus aluminum chassis – So handling should be top-level.

The interior is a bit basic to look at but has all the right stuff including racing style, LCD instrument binnacle and plenty of leather and Alcantara fabric. The stereo has Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. There is also air-conditioning to keep you cool in Palm Springs. As we said - the perfect SoCal supercar....

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