UPDATE: More Leaks On What To Expect From The New Dodge Demon - Video

UPDATE: It looks like our story on December12th, 2017 (STORY HERE) on the 'unusual' Challenger in the upcoming movie Furious 8 trailer may have been correct. If this scoop Instagram photo (above) does indeed reveal the front end of the new Dodge Demon then it looks identical to our enhanced frame taken from the movie trailer(below)..

Meantime - Another week and another well timed teaser from Dodge on the upcoming Demon due to be revealed at the New York Autoshow on April 13th, 2017. This time their video is called "Reduction" and implies a Hellcat lightened by as much as 200 pounds. There is no real certainty from looking at the video as to how they intend to achieve this but the flashing cgi around the brakes, suspension, wheels and rear seats may mean something. They have already said the Demon is aimed at the 1/4 mile crowd and attaining speed above all –- The plot thickens. Can't wait for April....

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