Spanish Hypercar - The GTA Spano - Good for 230MPH and now on Sale? - With VIDEO

The updated GTA Spano first seen at the 2015 Geneva Autoshow is now in production and has, as we can see from the photo above, been captured driving around Valencia, Spain. The car, which is stated to have a top speed of 230mph plus and a 0-62mph time of 2.9 secs is powered by a modified, twin-turbocharged, Viper V-10 producing over 900hp. Hollywood superstar Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson rumored to be among the first customers meaning there should be one, at least, pulling up to your local LA valet-parking zone sometime soon. Continue down for more and VIDEO...

From Spania GTA - release.

Spania GTA confirms that this 2017 will be the first deliveries to Spano customers presented in 2015

The first step of this story is found in 2008 when the first design of the GTA Spano was introduced. It was a model born of the commitment of the mechanic and businessman Domingo Ochoa to manufacture in Spain a supercar that followed the recipe of benefits and exclusivity that look like brands like Pagani or Koenigsegg. It announced a limited production of 99 units, the arrival of 3 versions (coupé, roadster and R) and a price around the half million euros before taxes. There is no doubt that this was a very risky project, but they threw themselves into the pool in the same way, trying to fulfill that dream that others had already achieved as Horacio Pagani or Christian Von Koenigsegg.

Their production is carried out exclusively in Riba-roja de Túria, the town where GTA Motor has established its main facilities.

If you can't afford the real thing, don't worry - The GTA Spano, which featured in the 2014 film Need For Speed, can be driven in Forza Horizon 3, released in The Smoking Tire Car Pack. Video next...

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