F1 Roadshow hits London before This weekends F1 GP at Silverstone - Pix and Video *UPDATE* Hamiltons Absence Rumors

Ahead of the British F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend, F1's new owners took the chance to promote the first of its new 'RoadShow Live' events. Designed to, "Bring F1 back to its fans", the giant road show brought F1 cars, drivers and glamor to the streets of London. Only the best streets, of course, as the roadshow sequestered the iconic Whitehall and Trafalgar Square. Tens of thousands did attend and despite security threats and traffic problems caused by the road closures, the event went down well with the British fans. With one exception - the country's most popular driver and 3 times world champion, Lewis Hamilton, was sadly missed missed as the only current driver not present (he 'tweeted' that he was taking a quick holiday). Other former British GP winners did attend however and you can see them acknowledging the crowd in the photos below.

Scroll down for the photos and an excellent video of Germany's Sebastian Vettel delighting the crowd in his Ferrari...

UPDATE* We are hearing rumors that the real reason Hamilton (he alone among the current drivers) didn't attend the event was due to a developing 'spat' with Mercedes team boss, Toto Wolff. Apparently Toto attended celebrations for championship rival Sebastian Vettel's 30th birthday - Which took place after the recent incident when Vettel purposely drove in to Hamilton's car during the Baku GP. Interesting Toto...

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