Real or Fake: The next generation video games - Photo realistic? Take the test here...

Take a long look at the pictures above and see if you can work out which - if any - are real (taken with a camera) and which are fake (created in a 3D rendering program). One or more of the images above are 3D renders. The answers are below the the photo below and the may surprise you. 

Below is a screenshot from the iconic video game 'Outrun' released not that many years ago. Below that is the answers for the quiz above and then - Check out the video at bottom to see where video games are today - WOW!

QUIZ ANSWERS: 1/ Camera. 2/ 3D Render. 3/ 3D Render. 4/ Camera. 5/ 3D Render. 6/ 3D Render

Clip taken from the promo video for 'Crew2' video game

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