Hennessey F5 To Be Revealed on 11/01/17. Can It Really Hope To Beat The Bugatti Chiron? - WITH VIDEO

This is the first official photo of the Hennessey Venom F5 Hypercar due to be revealed on November 1st, 2017. The company makes no secret of their ambition for the F5 – 300mph. Yes, that's 300mph!

At the moment they have revealed few details of how they hope to achieve this – Except that it will be light-weight and powered by an engine with horsepower in excess of their previous GT model (which had 1451bhp in its 'final' edition).

However, the Texas company have some history when it comes to high-speed records and their confidence appears high in the promotional videos below. 

We suspect some difficulties ahead though, especially in the tire department. Bugatti have stated there is no tire currently available which can support a sustained 300mph speed on the road (and have limited the speed of their Chiron model because of this).

However it will be interesting to see if this small Texan company really can take on the Bugatti Chiron which is supported by the enormous resources of the mighty Volkswagen empire. We wish them all the best. Meanwhile please check out the videos below for more information.....



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