Geneva Autoshow 2018: The Rimac C2 Revealed With 2000hp and A Little Joke At Richard Hammonds Expense...

If you cannot remember the 1000hp+ Rimac Concept_One EV hypercar perhaps you can remember the opening episode of Grand Tour season 2. The car Richard Hammond crashed on a timed hill climb (resulting in a near deadly fire) was a Rimac C1. And now there is a C2 – With nearly twice the power - Nearly 2000hp.

The Croatian- built Rimac C2 was revealed at the 2018 Geneva Autoshow today and included a little joking reference to Richard Hammond's crash, in the shape of a dedicated, designer fire extinguisher with a label stating "in Case of Hillclimb". (see pic below)

Powered by 4 independent electric motors the gasolene-equivalent power figures are mind-blowing. How about 1914hp and an even more amazing 1700 lb/ft of torque? So it is fair to expect some outstanding performance as well? Oh yes... (more follows)

Rimac Automobili are claiming a 0-60 time of just 1.85 seconds and a top speed of 258mph, with the quarter mile comes up in 9.1 seconds.

Now the bad news – Only 150 examples will be made (no price announced) so you'd better get down to your local Rimac dealer today with a large bag of bills for deposit..

Have fun

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